BarcelonetaHi! Thanks so much for stopping by my travelogue.

I have loved traveling since my parents packed our family of five into a station wagon in 1980 for a road trip “out West.” We covered 5,500 miles in 10 days and visited many places that were wildly different from the flat lands of Illinois where I grew up. Wanderlust sprouted in my seven-year-old heart and continued to grow like an intrepid perennial.

I have traveled to many places since then on annual “vacations,” but I always wanted more time. So, in the fall of 2014, I decided to indulge my wanderlust. I escaped New York City after 15 years of fast living and embarked on an adventure that lasted eight months and led me through 10 countries.

This site hosts a collection of my travel experiences. The Homepage showcases galleries of my favorite photos. The Blog includes everything from short clips that I logged on the road to longer essays as I look back on my experiences. I’ll be adding new posts regularly.

I hope you enjoy the voyage as much as I do. Please feel free to message me with comments or questions.

I am also a founding member of the New York Cocktail Club and the author of the blog Urban Gastronomy (2009-2013). Check out UG’s archives if you’re interested in cocktails and food!

And remember to travel light and come back often!