Her Own Terms

On The Road Journal Excerpt
Date: February 18, 2014
Location: Big Island, Hawaii

Since my last entry, I have hiked into and across the crater of Kileaua Iki (little Kileaua), adventured down the steep path to the windy black sands of Waipio Beach, had a wonderful massage and a fascinating Tibetan bowl treatment, learned how vanilla grows, visited the botanical gardens and snorkeled at Kapoho tide pools. I’m enjoying Hawaii immensely. Tom’s neighbor M., the masseuse, went on a five-week trip alone recently. She said she just needed an opportunity to explore. She needed to be free to go from one place to the next according to her own terms, comfort and budget. I love the way she described her time away.

A long steep walk down led to the black sands of windy Waipi'o Beach on the Big Island
On the black sands of Waipio Beach after a hard steep climb down a hot, narrow road